I am Marie, the creator of Mani et Lou.

I am 38 years old, I am the mother of Louis who is 4 years old. His birth was a trigger for me in this project.

In fact, I have been creating my own decoration for around ten years (I draw, paint, knit (of course!), sew, recycle and transform) to bring beauty around me in my home.
When my son was born, I obviously wanted to create a world of his own and soothing in his nursery. So I made a soft and warm decoration for which I chose colors, materials, objects...
I also started giving handmade gifts to my friends for all types of occasions (birth, birthday, baptism, housewarming...).
Their feedback was amazing and gave me confidence in what I was doing. And word of mouth started like this!
Now I want to share with you this well-being through decoration by allowing you to add magic and pretty things to your home!

Because decorating your home with accessories that exude good humor brings good vibrations into your interior.

Surrounding yourself with inspiring things makes you feel good.

This quest for well-being through decoration, I have made it mine for a long time, I now wish to share it with you by creating unique and beautiful objects for you.

Welcome to Mani & Lou!